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Nous sommes Kirsten et Hartmut, vos passionnés de Noël, prêts à vous emmener dans un voyage rempli des délicieuses senteurs du temps des Fêtes au Canada et aux États-Unis.

Avance rapide jusqu’en 2011, nous avons décidé de faire le grand saut. Nous avons dit adieu à nos emplois en Allemagne et avons élu domicile à Vancouver. Pourquoi demandes-tu? Parce que Vancouver est une ville connue pour sa qualité de vie et, plus important encore, nous avons découvert qu'elle héberge un marché de Noël allemand. C'était comme un coin de chez soi ici au Canada.

C’est ainsi qu’en 2014, même aujourd’hui citoyens allemands et canadiens, nous avons décidé de faire de nos rêves une réalité. Nous avons bâti une entreprise centrée autour des senteurs de Noël que nous adorons tant.

About us

Picture this: Two folks from Germany with an insatiable love for all things Christmas. Our story began in 2000 when we had our first taste of Canada. Canada, with its warm-hearted people had us head over heels, and we were hooked.

Over a decade later, here we are, living the dream in Vancouver, where the aroma of Christmas is a year-round delight. We've made a life out of sharing the enchanting smells of the holiday season with others, and it's a journey we wouldn't trade for anything in the world.

Our Business Idea - Sharing the Sense of German Christmas with you!

Close your eyes and imagine a couple from the heart of Germany, absolutely captivated by the sense of holiday gatherings. We decided to share the magic of traditional German Christmas with our newfound Canadian friends. And that's how our family-owned business came to life! With the timeless allure of HUSS burners and cones we handpicked a treasure that resonate with the true spirit of the festive season.

But what sets us apart isn't just the quality of our products; it's the genuine connection we forge with our amazing customers. Every item we import is more than just décor; it's a piece of our story, wrapped in the warmth of togetherness and celebration.

We're not just importers; we're storytellers.

Each item we bring to you carries a fragment of our heritage and the joy we experienced while strolling through Christmas markets in Germany. It's like inviting a bit of our cherished family traditions into your home, and nothing warms our hearts more.

So, as you explore our collection, remember you're not merely shopping; you're becoming part of our festive family. You're embracing the essence of Christmas that we hold so dear. Together, we're not just celebrating a holiday; we're sharing a piece of our hearts with you.

Thank you for joining us on this magical journey. Your smiles, your joy, and your shared enthusiasm make every day feel like Christmas morning. You, our incredible customers, have given us the most precious gift – your trust. Your regular 5-star reviews for our product quality and exceptional customer service are our most cherished compliments.

Here's to more laughter, more twinkling lights, and more cherished moments together.

Let's keep the sense of Christmas alive, all year round! 🎄✨


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Nous aimons soutenir une entreprise familiale, et celle-ci existe depuis longtemps. Mon frère m'a acheté des cônes d'encens Huss lorsqu'il était en Allemagne il y a des années. Pourquoi acheter autre chose.

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