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HUSS Incense Stool Stove


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Stool Stove

"The Small All-Rounder"

For use with incense cones, fragrance oils and aromatic resins as well as being a very effective cup-warmer.

The stool stove, which was never to be overlooked in larger kitchens in former times, has been remodelled in miniature by us, to offer a variety of new functions.

Ever since mankind first sat by firesides, the aromatic scent of materials being consumed by the flames has always been a pleasant accompaniment. You now have the possibility to rediscover these odours in different ways and learn to appreciate them anew. This is particularly true with our incense cones, made exclusively out of natural materials according to an old family recipe. Similarly, enjoy melting natural resins and the perfume exuding from the purest essential oils. Here are your keys to the pleasant world of fragrance!

Size: Height/Breadth/Depth: 90 mm/60 mm/60 mm
Weight: 180 g

Included are:

  • 1 Stool Stove
  • 1  incense cone holder with an ash crucible
  • 1 scented oil pot
  • 1 aromatic resin crucible
  • 1 tealight
  • 1 sample pack Frankincense cones
  • 1 sample bag of Frankincense aromatic resin
  • Made entirely out of metal – non-flammable

Read our safety instructions carefully!