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HUSS Incense Advent calendar/Mix


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Afach Annersch

"small and smart"

Probably the smallest incense cone Advent calendar in the world!

„Afach annersch“ (simply different): this has been the philosophy of our family firm since it was founded - products with something special! Made exclusively from natural materials, the fine incense cone is our core business.
All of our products, whatever fragrance, are made of charcoal and are often therefore difficult to distinguish. However, if one has a very small space with clearly labeled compartments, it is still possible to tell the difference between them. And, because not everybody has the implements with them to use “Karzle“, there is a small dustpan with a specially formed paperclip that serves as a burning down device. This is possible because the Karzle has a small hole drilled in their base.
Ignite, mount and place the small dustpan in any part of the box. The "Karzl" (cone) will burn safely and completely down.
Whether as an Advents Calendar or in some other form, this product is always capable of bringing joy to some beloved person.

A mix of the best Huss incense cone varieties with practical combustion devices.
24 incense cones: 6 x Frankincense, 6 x Sandalwood, 6 x Fir/Spruce, 6 x Frankincense with Propolis

Size: height/width/depth: 32 mm/110 mm/78 mm
Weight: 52 g

Read our safety instructions carefully!