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JUST 4 WEEKS UNTIL CHRISTMAS - your 1st week's checklist

November 22, 2019

JUST 4 WEEKS UNTIL CHRISTMAS - your 1st week's checklist

Vancouver, B.C., November 24, 2019

Since we have just four weeks left until Christmas, we have created a weekly checklist for all those who would like to have a stress-free Pre-Christmas-Season, but still want to celebrate traditionally, such as our German friends and families.

Here is your checklist for the first week, the others will follow always at the beginning of the next weeks.

1. Get advent wreath. If you want to save time, take a wreath that is already decorated - it is best to buy replacement candles. See also my following tips for wreaths and garlands.

2. Bringing along a Christmas tale - diving into romantic stories or Christmas thrillers - will make you smile for a while, for personal memories and atmospheric Advent evenings or entertaining train rides in the run-up to Christmas.

3. Hang up wreaths and garlands and divide branches into vases. My tip: If you love unusual, set wreaths and garlands, you will find it in a wreath binder.

4. Decorate window sills. High lanterns are particularly atmospheric. Decorate the entrance to the house. Because not only your guests are happy about an inviting reception.

5. Think about which guests and above all where you would like to celebrate this year so that the blues from the last party have no chance of repetition.

6. Check gift wrap, bow stock, and gift tags and stock up. Who waits too long, finds only leftovers in the stores in the near future.

7. Make a gift list: buy, order or tinker? To be honest, who is not happy about it, when he personally gets a little something?

8. If you travel to visit family or friends, buy train tickets for the holidays and book the seat reservation so that enough time is spent on the trip to read one of the amusing Christmas pamphlets and arrive relaxed.

9. Set up Christmas card list: who gets a card, who gets an email, who gets a call? Packages and overseas cards should now be shipped. You can also order online and get it shipped directly to your family or friends far away. Look at our service for example.

10. View Christmas cards from the previous year and get the missing number. Personally, We really like the simplicity of Unicef, which can be ordered online or in bookstores.

11. Get Advent calendar until the weekend or bring out the refillable. It does not always have to be something sweet. Erasers, pens, a card game are child-friendly alternatives.

12. Get tickets for a children's theater piece or a Christmas concert. Despite the pressing dates, this is an important part of the Christmas preparations for a lot of families. Do not forget to organize the babysitter if needed.

So much for the first week. We'll get back to you early next week with more preparation tips.

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