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Made in Germany - Huss Incense

Shop our long lasting incense sticks made out of rod-shaped, natural charcoal that come in a variety of different scents. Relaxing and beneficial for body, mind & soul.

HUSS Incense No. 1 Incense sticks incl. FREE REFILL - Citrus
Citrus: The smell of refreshing and stimulating summer fruit, characterized by its zesty notes that are especially desired for the spring/summer months or warmer, sunnier climates. Citrus smells tickles the nose with pleasure and brings an air of optimism and motivation. Even in the darker and more festive seasons of the year, citrus can brighten our day with an inspiring and uplifting scent.

HUSS Incense No. 1 Incense sticks incl. FREE REFILL - Lavender
Lavender: Everything about this scent is tailored towards encouraging thoughts of serenity. Essentially, taking in lavender’s unmistakable, unique scent has an anxiety-reducing and deeply relaxing effect on humans. No other scent is said to relax and soothe your mind and body so much. An ancient natural remedy, lavender’s a flowering member of the mint family.

HUSS Incense No. 1 Incense sticks incl. FREE REFILL - Sandelwood
Sandalwood: The scent which derives from the East Indian sandalwood trees, has a long history in ancient cultures for its health benefits. It’s deep, woody smell and mix of floral, and rich, but also soft and sweet accents, make it iconic and often used a base note in many perfumes. Sandalwood as a scent also supports the well-being like no other - the smooth smell grounds and brings relaxation.

HUSS Incense No. 1 Incense sticks incl. FREE REFILL - Spruce/Pine
Pine: The scent of the forest. We all know it; this clean, healthy and elevating smell that comes up when we walk through the woods on a Sunday afternoon. Or the smell of freshly cut Christmas trees that lies in the air and fills our heart with the joy of the holidays. Not only do we associate the holiday spirit with pine scent, the fragrance also has a variety of positive effects on the human body.

HUSS No.1 - Fascinating in scent and use. Burn our incense sticks in your home or work space for a relaxed and inspiring atmosphere. Our lovely selection of aromas provides everyone with the right choice, one fit for every mood. The sticks burn for over 2 hours and can optionally be combined with our rustic steel pan as a holder and decoration. The No.1 pack comes with 8 fine, rod-shaped, compressed charcoal incense sticks made out of natural resins and oils which emit a nearly smoke-free beneficial aroma. The additional and FREE refill pack contains 12 incense sticks of the same smell. Our N°1 can be applied in many different and magnificent ways, whether for longer or shorter burning periods. Brighten your day and home with our wonderful summer sale bundle, save money and enjoy great smells. Don't wait and shop our summer sale now! For a limited time only.