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HUSS Incense Aromatic Steam Train


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Aromatic Steam Train

"The other one"

Can be used for incense cones, aromatic resins, fragrance oils, and as a tea-cup/pot warmer.

The I K was the first steam-driven locomotive to travel on Saxony’s narrow gauge rail tracks in 1881. Our high quality, steel-made HUSS I K N°54 (Scale 1:32) is much loved and has it all.

Size: height/width/depth: 105 mm/180 mm/70 mm
Weight: 720 g

Supplied with:

  • 1 Aromatic Steam Train
  • 2 appliances for incense cones
  • 1 crucible for the tealight
  • 1 tealight
  • 1 sample pack of frankincense cones
  • 1 sample pack of frankincense resin
  • 1 sample pack of steam locomotive scent
  • 1 lighter
  • 1 Booklet with serial number
  • Made entirely out of metal – non-flammable

Read our safety instructions carefully!