Vancouver, BC, September 28, 2020

Today, we want to introduce you to a new shopping experience:

Say hello to Shop,
a digital shopping assistant that brings together the best features to make it easy for you to speed through checkout, track your order and shipment details, and rediscover brands you love.

The Most Convenient Way for you to Buy From your Favorite Independent Brands

From product discovery to package delivery, Shop takes care of the little extras, making online shopping more personal and convenient for you.

As soon as you complete your initial purchase with our HUSS Incense online store, or any Shopify store with Shop Pay enabled, you’ll see an option to save payment details to Shop Pay. During future purchases, the option to check out with Shop Pay is shown immediately if you have already saved your information. And once you download Shop, Shop provides customized product recommendations. These recommendations all come from brands that you’ve already shown an interested in, either by purchasing a product from their Shopify store or by following their profiles in the app.

In contrast to product recommendations on other online stores, which offer a feed of products from brands you don’t know, brands you don’t care about (most these platforms are driven by advertising) Shop, does not include any ads!

This app makes it even easier for you to find and support local businesses

The current crisis has forced hardship on small businesses, many of which serve as cornerstones for the economy and your local communities. Another unfortunate side effect is that you as their local customer are uncertain about whether businesses are open, and if orders will arrive when you need them to.

One way Shop helps you is by showing you if businesses offer in-store or curbside pickup. Now, with Shop you can find businesses in your area and opt for local pickup in case you’d rather not wait for delivery.

Guaranteed peace of mind and always up to date!

You want to make sure you get the product you paid for, but tracking orders can be frustrating. Email inboxes are crowded and businesses use a wide variety of carriers. This combination has made it tricky to get a clear view of the delivery status for all of your current orders.

Shop gives you accurate and timely updates on everything you order, across all online stores, from a single location. Shop syncs with your email to track your orders so you don’t need to fumble around in your inbox looking for order numbers or tracking info.

Download shop now and browse a feed of recommended products, learn more about each brand and make purchases using the one-click Shop Pay checkout process.

Enjoy browsing through your favourite brands.

Your HUSS Incense Team

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