Vancouver, B.C., Januar 20, 2020

Visiting a trade fair takes time, which many business owners are unfortunately no longer willing to invest. There are good reasons to take this time.

Trade shows are a nice alternative to break out of everyday work, possibly travel to another city and make new contacts. But trade shows are also time-consuming. Both as a visitor and as an exhibitor. Still, there are unbeatable advantages of going to trade fairs, but there are also some disadvantages. We put together a few ideas to help you decide to go or not to go.

For us, the greatest advantage is the following 
It rarely happens that you meet so many people who come together on one topic. Networking - and that personally - is unbeatable in my opinion. People remember you much more easily, business cards are exchanged and you will find out very quickly - much faster than by email - whether you and your intended cooperation partner really fit together.

For example, We had selected two companies in advance that would seem to fit perfectly into my business. One company quickly showed that the chemistry was simply not right. All money aside, cooperation did not happen simply because of that. We were a bit skeptical about the second company but we had wonderful cooperation sometime later. 

Unbeatable advantages when you want to visit trade shows
The nice thing about trade shows is that you not only gain countless new impressions, carry tons of advertising material and giveaways home with you, but also get great suggestions and ideas for your own business.

Which booth particularly appealed to you? Which slogan did you stick to? Which design did you like very well? Which business idea inspired you? What do others do better than you? And in what are you way out in front? You can ask yourself these and many more questions before your visit and answer them on-site or on the return trip.

Even more advantages if you want to visit a trade show
Another great advantage is that the many workshops and lectures at the show give you the opportunity to get enormous knowledge on selected topics in a compact form in a short amount of time. And in most cases free of charge. In other words, you do not have to invest time to read in the topics and often you have enough suggestions and basic knowledge afterward to master the next steps more easily.

When it can work wonderfully without a trade show visit?
If you know exactly what you are looking for and you are not currently focusing on inspiration and finding ideas and new products, you can also use your time in intensive online research to find what you are looking for.

What do you think? Are trade show visits important to you? Or do you think it can be done without?

Talk to you soon!

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