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Vancouver, BC, September 30, 2022

HUSS miniature ovens can not just be used with incense cones, but for real cooking as well.

Miniature ovens – allrounders with tradition

The German manufacturer HUSS is especially known for its incense products. After all, its history of the production of incense cones goes back to the beginning of the last century. In the 90s, the manufacturer began to produce special incense burners in the form of everyday objects, which now form an iconic product line known all over the world.

Pots, pans and more

tiny pan 

The high-quality incense burners come in the form of tiny smoking kettles, iron pans, pyramids, or trains, and thus inspire not only fans of incense fragrances, but also collectors and even children.


tiny oven

HUSS tiny ovens, for example, are a particularly nice accessory for dollhouses. They should not be used as burners inside them. However, the tiny ovens look nice even if they are not smoking, because the are made with such great attention to detail.

Miniature kitchen stoves

tiny ovens and kitchen stoves

One product line is becoming increasingly popular, especially among women: The miniature kitchen stove. This miniature furniture, like all other HUSS burners, is made of metal, non-flammable, and serves a particular trend that cuts across all age groups and through all social media channels: tiny cooking.

Miniature kitchen stove perfect for tiny cooking

Miniature furniture is nothing new and neither is the tiny food concept. However, the latter started trending on TikTok some years ago and can now be found on other platforms like Instagram. The tiny food cooking scene probably started in Japan, where people have s special affinity to small, cute things. The idea is to cook and bake dishes according to usual rules and recipes, but in tiny form. Of course, you need super tiny accessories like pans and pots. The whole thing becomes particularly authentic when you also prepare the food on a tiny stove.

HUSS Incense Stool Stove

And so it happens that today HUSS Incense burners are used not only for burning incense cones, but also for cooking tiny dishes. HUSS Incense Stool Stove, for example, has a hotplate, and comes with a tiny pan, and a tiny pot. Instead of an incense cone, you simply put a tea light in the stove.


tiny stove

 A very special eye-catcher with great fun factor is the HUSS Incense Multi-Purpose Oven, which comes in the nostalgic style of Grandma’s old kitchen stove. It can be used with an incense cone, so that smoke rises from a tiny cup. In addition, with a tea light, one of three different-sized pots can be heated. Filled with water and essential oils, they emit wonderful aromas. Alternatively, the pots can be used for tiny food cooking. The stove even comes with additional furniture protection and a little oven tray, and other tiny kitchen accessories. In addition, the kitchen stove can also be used as a tea-pot warmer for normal sized cups. A nice extra: You can even choose between different colors for the oven. 

Check out all of HUSS Incense burners and have fun cooking!

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