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JUST 3 WEEKS UNTIL CHRISTMAS - your 2nd week's checklist

December 01, 2019

JUST 3 WEEKS UNTIL CHRISTMAS - your 2nd week's checklist

Vancouver, B.C., December 01, 2019

Here is our second checklist. For this week, we have put together a few more things you might want to take care of. There is still a lot to do. Nevertheless, try to reserve a few extra moments for yourself. So, if you go to the Christmas market - just close your eyes and discover smells like: freshly beaten spruce, roasted almonds, cotton candy that reminds you of your childhood - look into the faces of little children and realize how beautiful it can be, just to marvel and discover - without any sense of time.

1. Review recipes for biscuits - either in your own tried and tested collection or, as is the case every year, in the unsurpassed and consistently successful recipes from previous years. Tip: Schedule bake dates. Maybe you have a few dear helpers who can motivate you to bake together with mulled wine? Put on music or a Christmas radio, light candles - it's even more fun!

2. Prepare marmalade and/or other edible gifts and pack them in an appealing way. Tip: fabric remnants and loop remnants or a checkered, divided tea towel are creative packaging artists for boxes and glasses. Empty glasses are available in many drugstores.

3. Attention Nicholaus! What's in the boots? Prepare for the German way to celebrate St. Nicolaus on December 6th.
If you want to do it the North American way and you want a "real" Santa for your children on Christmas Eve, think of it now and ask a neighbor or friend etc. for it. 

4. Write first half of the Christmas cards - but do not send yet

5. Thought of the nice babysitter, the postman and the neighbors who take care of the dog and so on from time to time - quickly complete the gift list.

6. Once in the attic or in the basement: check Christmas tree decorations, crib accessories, tree stands, candles and fairy lights for completeness and buy something missing. Meanwhile, the LED string lights have caught up. Avoid a blue tone, the best is warm white.

7. If you like smokers, you should hurry up. The favourite fragrances are sold out shortly before Christmas. Check out what's still available

8. Time for the Christmas market. By now it may have become so cold that even without snow it is fun to enjoy mulled wine or a fresh bratwurst with friends. If you like it, search for the closest Christmas Market in your area. As Vancouverites, we LOVE our Vancouver Christmas Market. Do not miss it!

Finally, it's about you: check your wardrobe: is it all in order for Christmas? In what do you want to shine on the holidays? Arrange a hairdressing appointment, manicure, etc. 

If everything is checked - just relax and wait for more to come next week.


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