JUST 1 WEEK UNTIL CHRISTMAS - your 4th week's checklist

JUST 1 WEEK UNTIL CHRISTMAS - your 4th week's checklist

Vancouver, B.C., December 15, 2019

That you do not feel like you are still dreaming badly on the 24th of December, we put together our last preparation tips for the 4th week before Christmas ...

Actually, in the 4th week, more leisure should be set already, the list of open To DO's be much shorter, but the pre-Christmas time has its own pace. If you can not completely organize your time yourself you feel the pressure on appointments that others set for you. Deadlines, celebrations, preparations, etc., which bales like every year, owed to the year that is about to end.

Life can not be planned completely. A nice celebration, however, can be well prepared with a little planning. Here is our last, shorter list for the fourth week before Christmas:

1. As promised last week it's more about your own personal appointments this week: manicure, hairdressing, etc. If you have not arranged your appointments a few weeks in advance, then go! After all, it's about making you feel good!

2. If someone does not get a card or an e-mail, you may already have him/her on your call list. Christmas is a time when we come back to people we should have called the whole year already. Think carefully about how many phone calls or Skype sessions (for example, with friends and relatives abroad) you want to lead. Make yourself comfortable, cook a spiced tea, light a candle. Then put your feet up, a cuddly blanket over it and before you dial the number: put this phone time under "leisure" sign

3. For most families, setting up the tree is no longer as close to Christmas as it was in former times. Since it was decorated on the 24th, the living room remained closed until the mess. In most cases in North America trees are set up right at the beginning of the Christmas Season.

If we forgot: Part of a good organization is good delegation. Even if both words don't sound contemplative at this point. Who decided that everything depends on you? Maybe you were the one or the other? So get your family involved.

We wish you all a good mood for the last week before Christmas, lots of energy, serenity at the right moment, and time for yourself.

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