Vancouver, B.C., March 31, 2024

Wishing you a joyful Easter celebration filled with love and happiness.

Have you ever wondered why Easter is celebrated as the most important holiday for Christians? Here's a brief explanation of the significance and traditions of Easter in Christian communities:

Easter Sunday marks the pinnacle of the Easter holidays. The celebration commences on Saturday night, from Holy Saturday to Easter Sunday, with a service that commemorates the resurrection of Jesus. Symbolically, this is represented through light: the church starts in darkness, symbolizing Jesus' death, and then light is brought in, symbolizing his resurrection, through candles. Following this service, the bells, which had been silent since Good Friday, ring out once again.

The remainder of Easter Sunday is typically spent with close family.

Easter is a celebration that symbolizes new life and is often associated with the tradition of the Easter Bunny bringing yummy chocolate eggs. May your day be filled with family, smiles, sunshine, and plenty of chocolate and sweet treats. 

Here's to hoping your Easter is as sweet as can be!

Your HUSS Incense Team


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