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May 11, 2019


Vancouver, B.C., May 12, 2019

Tips for choosing the right flowers for Mother's Day

Life is so hectic for many of us that we never find the time to say it right or tell loved ones how important they are to us. On Mother's Day, we should, therefore, make special efforts and spoil our mothers. We have known since early childhood that our mother likes flowers. Since we picked her a toddler's handful of daisies in the garden and presented them in an empty yoghurt cup, we know she appreciates our efforts. This year is the time to go one step higher and surprise her with a gift that surpasses her expectations and shows her how important she is. The choice of Mother's Day flowers does not have to be a chore. There are plenty of spring flowers in this time of the year and so many species that are available only in such a short time, but sometimes the choice is hard.

What colour?
For some people, a flower is simply a flower, and the only thing that matters is that it looks nice. But this is not about an ordinary bouquet, but about the Mother's Day flowers. Does your mother have a favourite colour? Does she especially like certain flowers? Of course, if you're not sure, you can just choose flowers that you think fit her - a bouquet of gorgeous lilies not only looks good and smells good, but also has a symbolic meaning. Many flowers are a symbol of motherliness or hope, loyalty, purity and devotion. 
Bouquets of flowers in similar colours always look good and look contemporary, regardless of style. If you prefer a mixed bouquet, then you could use this, for example. round off with foliage. Folded leaves around a bouquet of flowers of similar colour create soft lines and a fresh look. In addition, the leaves bring an additional colour touch into the game, without affecting the overall impression of the flowers.

What should a mother's day's bouquet cost?
We love our mothers! If money did not matter, we would naturally choose the largest and most beautiful bouquet for them. However, many of us have a tight budget, so a big bunch is currently out of our reach. It is not necessary to buy a bouquet that goes beyond our wallet, because the cost ultimately depends on the flowers you choose. We all know that roses are a luxury symbol. But that does not mean that they are unaffordable. So how do you come up with an affordable bouquet? Mixing a few expensive flowers with cheaper ones will give you a bouquet of deluxe glamour without a staggering cost. That does not mean that a cheaper choice must look cheap. A bouquet of tulips in mixed colours looks e.g. great and nobody will waste a thought on the cost.

Delivery service or delivery in person?
Of course, you can also deliver the Mother's Day bouquet yourself. But that does not have the same surprise effect as an unexpected knock on the door. A Mother's Day bouquet of fresh flowers is one of the sweetest surprises for the mother and she will appreciate your efforts, especially when it comes to her favourite flowers or her favourite colour. If you bring the bouquet yourself, then you should look after a successful presentation and choose a place where your mother sees the flowers every day. You can also put the bouquet on the breakfast table before she gets up and gives her such a nice surprise. If you can not be with your mother that day, then hire a reputable florist to deliver your order with a smile.

In order for your flowers to arrive on time, you should speak with your florist in advance to make sure that they can deliver the bouquet you want on the date you want. Remember, you can ask your family and friends if you have no idea what your mom likes, and do not forget that even with a small budget, you can have a wonderful bouquet. With all these aspects in mind, you can be sure that your mother will spend a happy Mother's Day.

Enjoy giving your mother the joy she deserves!

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