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June 15, 2018


Vancouver, B.C., June 17, 2018 

Have you ever wondered how Germany celebrates its parents?

Mother's Day and Father's Day are resulting from different traditions, yet both days of honor offer an opportunity to pay tribute to the parents. While Mother's Day originally comes from the American women's movement, enterprising florists have established it in Germany in the early 1920s. Father's Day also has its origins in America. In Germany, however, it is due to a ritual that originated in and around Berlin at the end of the 19th century. In Germany Father's Day is already celebrated on Ascension Day, while Mother's Day is celebrated on the same day as in the USA and Canada.

Like Valentine's Day, there's the same public debate every year - does it really need a commercial holiday that reminds you once a year to honor your parents?

A German statistic shows:

Around 61% of respondents agree that there should be a Mother's Day, while 30% consider it unnecessary. Father's Day is less popular, only about 46% of all respondents find it necessary and 45% think it is superfluous.

But not only in terms of popularity, Mother's Day and Father's Day are different. The Germans spend an average of 25.00 € for their mothers, for fathers they spent on average only 13.00 €.

German retailers are likely to enjoy strong sales figures before, Happy Father´s Day HUSS IncenseFather's Day and Mother's Day, when it comes to beer and flowers. While hard liquor and beer mugs with engraved names are popular gifts for German Father's Day, 71% love giving flowers on Mother's Day.

For 58% of all mothers surveyed, flowers are actually part of the perfect Mother's Day, 63% would like a family outing and 64% would be happy if the children cover the breakfast table on Mother's Day. For 63% of all fathers surveyed a perfect Father´s Day starts with good weather as 53% want a family outing and 42% are looking forward to a common, hearty breakfast with the family.

This coincides at least in parts with the usual Mother's Day and Father's Day rituals in Germany. Because while it is common for mothers to be greeted with flowers, the fathers usually prefer, contrary to the above statements, celebrating this day with other fathers at a Father's Day get together, which certainly contains one or the other drink.

Do we still need Mother´s Day and Father´s Day?

HUSS IncenseAlthough in Germany Mother's Day is more popular than Father's Day, and on this occasion also significantly more money is spent, both honorable days are still firmly anchored with over or almost a hundred-year tradition and no longer indispensable from the celebration and honorary days in the process of a calendar year.

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