Vancouver, BC July 01, 2019

Are you interested in traditions and holiday rituals in Canada? We put together a few things you might not have known so far.

The most important holiday of Canadians is undoubted "Canada Day", which will be celebrated extensively in all the provinces this coming Monday. 

Celebrations take place throughout the country. Canada Day Parades, concerts, festivals, air shows, pancake food, barbecues and fireworks take place in many cities. The biggest events can be found in the capital Ottawa, where important politicians participate. The celebrations are very patriotic with the Canadian flag everywhere and happy faces painted in white and red.

Other major holidays in Canada include the "Victoria Day" in May celebrating the birth of the British Queen, as well as Thanksgiving on the second Monday in October. Not forgetting, of course, the Christian holidays Easter and Christmas. As diverse as the different cultures in Canada, the holidays are celebrated. With our focus on Christmas, here is a small overview of the different Christmas rituals in the Canadian provinces.

While in the north of the country the Eskimos celebrate the big winter festival "Sinck Tuck" with dancing and singing and gifts are distributed on the Christmas days, it is a tradition in Labrador in the province of Newfoundland to give away beets to children. These hollow out the turnips, insert a candle and light them. The Canadian Atlantic coast, which has been populated by the Scots in the course of history, however, is strongly influenced by the British Christmas traditions. So on Christmas morning, especially English carols are sung.

In almost all Canadian households, which are decorated in the Christmas time consuming with numerous fairy lights and Christmas figures, comes on Christmas day, a large traditional Christmas dinner with turkey and a sweet dessert on the table. In addition, the traditional mistletoe over the door frame must not be missed.

Even if we have anticipated a bit with the information on Christmas, we are now looking forward to the celebrations for the birthday of our beautiful Canada.

Have fun while celebrating!

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