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Festivities throughout the country

For Canada Day, cities and communities are holding festivities across the country: these take place outdoors, featuring open airs, parades, sporting and artistic performances, fireworks, music concerts, and more. There are no requirements for programming the Canada Day; Everything is left to the local organizers and so every celebration is different. We put together some tips for a relaxed Canada day celebration outside:

The Canadian colours RED & WHITE:

Canada Day Flag CapeBe it visitors or locals - as a Reflector of the Canadian Flag, everyone wears these two colors on Canada Day! Take it a step further with the addition of Maple Leaf and Canada Flag stickers, as well as temporary tattoos and face paint.


The Canadian flag will be on July 1st in all designs and shapes. Show and wave it proudly or wear it as a cloak. You will see many revelers doing this. There is only one rule; Do not let the flag touch the ground, this is considered disrespectful. If you don´t have your own flag get yourself a paper Canadian flag. These little paper flags are distributed almost everywhere during the most important celebrations on Canada Day.


Canada Day FoodStop for a Meal in a Restaurant or on a Terrace IF YOU CAN: Most restaurants in the larger cities do not accept reservations on Canada Day. So, if you see a vacancy, grab as long as you can! Bring a refillable water bottle. If you run during the July heat, you will quickly get thirsty and with the water bottle, you are always well rested! Most official Canada Day celebrations include refill stations. Be sure to stay hydrated so you can enjoy all the fun from dawn to the end of the fireworks and beyond!

Pack your BACKPACK:

It's a great way to store all sorts of useful things, such as sunscreen, sunglasses, a camera, hand sanitizer, and a hat, just to name a few. And if you plan to spend a lot of time outdoors, do not forget to pack sunscreen and a hat.


There are many street food and souvenir vendors in the inner cities on Canada Day. A small amount of cash is always good, so you can buy something fast and keep on celebrating. If you are looking for a healthy snack, such as fresh fruit or vegetables, Farmers Markets is always a popular place to go. There is often only accepted cash.

Be prepared for RAIN:

A small umbrella and a raincoat are good for when it starts to rain but keep them portable! Smaller umbrellas are easier to carry and do not interfere with other revelers' view of the main celebration stages.

Enjoy Canada Day and be prepared!

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