Vancouver, BC June 20th, 2021

Father's Day is around and some of the younger generations might think about how you can identify someone as a good future father/parent.

Good parents have to be able to, learn and endure an incredible number of things. Patience, understanding, passion and a lot of love are just a few of them. These character traits suggest that your loved one could one day become a loving and caring dad. Of course, not all of these things need to apply to your partner exactly. The birth of a child can turn the greatest rogue  into a loving, responsible person. However, it can be a good feeling when some of the following things apply and you can look forward to it in advance.

These 10 character traits we found suggest that your loved one could become a wonderful dad:

1. When you see a young family with babies or small children on the street and you can hardly get out of the "Ooooh my Gooood, is that sweet" raving, he is not completely annoyed, but cannot completely suppress the smile himself .

2. He is patient - and that is arguably one of the most important qualities a parent must possess. He doesn't go crazy right away if you need five minutes longer in the bathroom or if he has to wait for you in front of the changing room while shopping.

Happy Father's Day - HUSS Incense3. He has a lovable child's head. When you are with children of friends or your families, he loves to play with them and act like a little boy himself. Not only is this incredibly cute, but it also shows that he would really enjoy the father role.

4. He is a family man. He loves spending time with his family and wants everyone to be safe at all times.

5. He is enterprising and energetic. He loves being in nature, going onHappy Father's Day - HUSS Incense excursions and discovering new things - it is guaranteed to never be bored with a dad like that.

6. He compromises without being annoyed. He knows that in a functioning relationship you have to put the ego on the back burner.

7. He immediately notices when you are not feeling well and does everything to make you feel better.

8. He does not throw his money out of the window at random, but thinks twice about what he is spending his money on. Even if you don't understand things like a bigger television, video games or comics - as long as he divides his money well and spends it on things that give him long-term pleasure, everything is fine.

9. He talks to you about the future. It doesn't have to be family planning conversations, but thinking ahead and making plans for what it might look like later is a good start.

10. He takes responsibility for his life and actions, knows what he wants and pursues goals.

Did you already find the right "Dad" in your life? Celebrate him today, even if he's not a father yet!

Your HUSS Incense Team

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