May 10, 2020

The coronavirus changes our lives - and Mother's Day as we know it. But despite the ban on contact and distance rules all over the world, there are many ideas to cheer up your Mom on Mother’s Day. Even though in some areas some corona measures were relaxed, the contact rules applicable due to COVID-19 should be adhered to due to the risk of infection. So it's better not to hug. The easiest way is to keep your distance when mom has a lot of space in the house, a large terrace, or even an entire garden. Simply put the chairs a good two meters apart - done!

Here are some ideas for all who are far away or cannot visit due to other risks:

Meet your Mother online

Even without physical closeness, we can show Mom how important she is to us. Modern technology helps us do this. Free apps such as Skype, Zoom, or Whatsapp enable video chats on standard mobile phones or tablets, which can now be found in almost every household. The apps are usually easy to use: after a few finger touches, children or grandchildren can be seen and heard on the cell phone. Mothers (and, by the way, fathers) enjoy this type of contact not only on Mother's Day.

How about a letter?

Or how about an adventurous idea: a letter! In times of digital hustle and bustle, it is not only nice for mums to find something in the mailbox that is not advertising, tickets, or bills. The good old post is the perfect way to send pictures of grandchildren on Mother's Day. Above all, you can hang them on the wall or in the fridge.

We wish all mothers and their families that they hold out until we experience easier times again and the hugs now exposed can be made again soon.

Stay safe!          

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