Vancouver, B.C., July 3, 2017

Finally, it is here: summer! The weather is warm and you invited your friends to your first BBQ party of the season. Everybody arrives while the sun is up and they help themselves to some food and drinks. Together you enjoy the relaxation, a cold drink and the sunset. But then there it is, this bzzzzz bzzzz noise in your ear, the enemy of any good BBQ party has arrived - mosquitos. Mosquitos can seriously add frustration to any outdoor party.
How can you spend as much time outside without getting eaten up by mosquitos?

These three mosquitos repellents will get rid of the little buggers and make your party ear buzzing and bite free.

1. Not a Fan of Mosquitos

Like a windstorm keeping a plane from its descent, that’s what the wind of a fan can do to a mosquito. Set up a small electric fan that sweeps back and forth, sending a gentle breeze across the area you are sitting. Get the airflow going and let those weak flyers have a crash landing. Maybe even put a fan near your salad, so you don’t have a Caesar salad with little mosquito crunch.

2. Sense of Smell

Mosquitos react on certain smells and have a sensitive nose. Citrus and lavender are both great against mosquitos. Lavender smells awesome for us as humans, but mosquitos hate the scent of the purple flower, and stay away at all costs. Citrus smells are a mood booster to us but a mood killer to every mosquito swarm sting party. Confuse the buzzing stingers with burning incense sticks and cones from us. Find your most favoured flavour and make your next BBQ party a long burning one without.

3. Mosquito Fashion Label

Mosquitos need water to reproduce and are attracted to areas with higher humidity levels, such as our sweat on our skin. To prevent from getting bitten cover up in long sleeves, pants, and shoes. Preferable use light-coloured clothing, as dark colours will make you their target. They mostly find their victims in the shade, so they are naturally attracted to dark colours.

Have a good sting free BBQ!


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