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HUSS Incense Frankincense Man


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The Frankincense Man with Hat 

"The Expert"

„I don't smoke. That's why I'm not a smoker.
Naturally, as a Neudorf Incense Cone expert,
I carry with me everything one needs for their deployment at all times!”
I have no face, but I am not faceless

Height: 150 mm, Ø 70 mm
Weight: 212 g

The incense cones glow inside the burning appliance in a standing or hanging position, until they are completely consumed.
The adjustable hat and cap can serve as signal of somebody’s mood.  

Included are:

  • 1 Frankincense Cone Man with Hat and Cap
  • 1  incense cone holder
  • 1 ash crucible
  • 1 sample pack of frankincense cones
  • 1 lighter
  • bottom section for spare incense cones and lighter
  • Made entirely out of metal, non-flammable

Read our safety instructions carefully!